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The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa I have never read a book by Julia before though I do remember hearing her name before. I have meet many people who rave about her Iron Fey series ( a series now on my to read list). I started this book a little bit hesitantly I was worried that her book would be trapped in the black hole that many vampire novels have fallen into. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't a typical vampire novel. The immortal Rules combines the topic of vampires with a Dystopian society.
Zeke is Allie's love interest though their romance is on the back burners the scenes were so cute. I really like the way Zeke acts he isn't the common bad boy you see in YA books recently. In fact he is a good guy who fights for what is right and is also a great fighter.
In all, The Immortal Rules is a great start to this trilogy. I can't wait for the next book to come out in 2013. Best part to me is the fact that Julia promised we get to see more Kanin in the second book I really am super excited to have Kanin back!

The world is so dark and kinda frightening. I really couldn't put this book down the story was so perfect with all of its action scenes a twists and turns. I absolutely love the characters(Kanin being my favorite!) The main character Allie is AMAZING! She kicks Ass with her awesome weapon(sorry not telling;) She also opens up as a vampire more than she ever did back when she was a human with only survival on her mind.

This is my first Dystopian novel so I have no reference point on how effective and well written the world is supposed to be. The Fringe and the vampire castle is written so well! I absolutely love it and it is so unique.

5/5 stars