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What Happened to Goodbye - Sarah Dessen First off I absolutely love Sarah Dessen. I have read all of her books up to this one and was very happy to get my hands on this one as well. If you have ever read Sarah's books you may of noticed a similar trend in all of her books. Her main character has a problem (that she may or may not see as a problem) as well as a romance aspect that helps the character realize they have an issue.

This book is really no different. Sarah's books are predictable but I love the worlds she builds. As well as the fact she touches on such serious issues or more common issues we see or hear about all the time. Her characters are always so well thought out have there own problems making them very realistic and you can connect to at least one of them in every book.

I really don't have anything to say that really makes this one of her books stand out to me since all of her books are so similar. Don't get me wrong I love ANYTHING by her and will always be a loyal fan but I wasn't overly impressed.

So if you are a fan of Sarah Dessen and have read her other books than check this one out. If you have just discovered her or have heard of her I defiantly suggest you check out some of her earlier work before this one.

I will still be buying this book as well as probably rereading it again in the future! What can I say I just Sarah Dessen that much!

My Rating 3/5